Monday, December 06, 2004:

Looking at that blue state/red state map I just realized that the major cities of the U.S. are all in blue states. So George Jr. was elected by the Rocky Mountain States that have like 10 people in each state, the southwest which was once Mexico, and those Bible-thumping southerners.
Dump the Electoral College, which is made up of people you don’t even know anyway (it’s a patronage position that smells bad) and supercedes the MAJORITY.
And now Falwell is rearing his ugly head. Hideous lies spewed out to the uneducated…you can get pregnant from masturbation…if you have an abortion you will probably commit suicide…and if you don’t commit suicide, you are far more likely to get breast cancer than a woman that didn’t get an abortion. Good God!
Roe v Wade is in serous trouble. Yeah, let’s reverse it and hand out wire coat hangers. Let’s kill women in back alleys and dirty abortion rooms manned by alcoholic physicians that lost their licenses long ago. Now that makes sense.

"Peace is an organic process. You need to actively keep working for it in order to keep it. Do it daily."

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the IRAQI 2003 war depicted in a painting-a-day

With our soldiers, men and women, off to fight for our freedom and the freedom of Iraq, I wanted to do more than attend a demonstration. (I did one last week in Chicago and we were circled by police in riot gear and moved, literally smashed like sardines and moved, to a different area to be controlled. It was very frightening, especially after the recent e2 incident where people were crushed in a crowd. ) I want to know why we are doing this, and to that end I have decided to put my efforts into my art. To paint something, anything, is to get to gain intimate knowledge of it.

I am a war zombie. I watch CNN, C-SPAN, FOX, and ABC. I am seeking answers.

I have no taste for blood. It seems to me that an intellectual resolution could have been possible. Squabbling over the fence and threatening to sue doesnâ??t seem to mean much when the other guy is blasting the Iraqi landscape off the map.

I am wishing peace.

P.S. If you would like to know how oil-well fires are put out, check out â??Hellfightersâ?� starring John Wayne playing Red Adair.

P.P.S. When the Afghanistan War happened I kept asking, â??Where is the war coverage?â?� I wonder why there was so much pomp and circumstance with this war? And is this war about terrorism? What did we do in Afghanistan besides blow it up? If you havenâ??t accomplished your first goal (martyring Osama bin Laden) why are we starting a new fight?

P.P.P.S Do you know that in 1991 in a war lead by Bush the Elder, we abandoned the people? And the people were starving, they looted the artifacts from the cradle of civilization, so they could survive. Wealthy people all over the world now have these priceless treasures in their possession. Hopefully they are caring for them so they can be restored to Iraq after this war establishes peace for these people. If you would like to know more about the artifacts, go HERE

Painting Info:

10" x 11"

watermedia & glitter on 100% rag paper